The Non-Designer's Presentation Book: Principles for Effective Presentation Design

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0Robin Williams, teacher and designer, knows what it takes to give a good presentation. In this revised and updated book, Robin makes it easy for even first-time presenters to get past their fears of creating a presentation. She expands upon the four fundamental principles of good design and typography introduced in her award-winning Non-Designer's series and adds four more principles specific to achieving clear communication with slides.

Let Robin guide you in her signature light-hearted style through the entire process of creating a presentation--from planning and organizing your ideas to designing effective, beautiful slides that won't put your audience to sleep.

In this essential guide to presentation design, you'll learn:

- What makes a good presentation--or a bad one

- How to plan, organize, and outline your presentation

- Four principles for developing effective presentations

- Four principles for designing beautiful slides that communicate clearly

- Specific tips for using animation and transitions that aren't annoying

- A list of timeless presentation rules . . . that you should totally ignore

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