Learn Excel 365 Essential Skills with The Smart Method: Third Edition: updated for the Jan 2020 Semi-Annual version 1908

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Microsoft release a new Excel 365 semi-annual version every six months (in January and July) that is usually automatically updated on your computer. You need the fourth edition of this book to support the current version.

  • This book (the third edition) was written to support the Excel 365 - Jan 2020 version 1908.
  • The fourth edition of this book supports the Excel 365 - Jul 2020 version 2002 and is in stock and available from all major online booksellers.

To find the fourth edition of this book search for:

Learn Excel 365 Essential Skills with The Smart Method: Fourth Edition

ISBN: 978-1-909253-45-2

Unless you have a special need for the older version we recommend that you do not purchase this book but, instead, purchase the up-to-date version above.

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