Company overview The solution to most IT related problems lies in a better understanding of the technology.

Founded in June of 2002, the Hartmann Software Group (HSG) is an IT training company specializing in complicated software development languages and technologies ranging from C++ to Weblogic/Oracle Application Administration. Over the years, HSG has trained thousands of engineers from companies of all sizes many of which are in the top 500 tier of corporations worldwide. Our success can be attributed to a passion for IT development and training and a drive to be the best in the field. We take our motto, "We teach what we know - Software!", to heart and have burned the midnight oil on many occasions to ensure this is the case.

In addition to the wide variety of classes HSG offers, we have also been engaged in a variety of software development projects some on a consulting basis and others that include products that we have created such as Notems a large on line networking marketplace and Phone Boogie an easy to use but very complicated to create telephone/Internet based greeting application. Moreover, our commitment to the learning process has been augmented by our book store which offers an extensive array of the best industry publications to be found anywhere. These publications are often great study guides and are typically part of our training curriculum.

What distinguishes HSG from the competition is a large and varied course catalog with well over 200 classes, a healthy mix of training and development engagements that help to broaden and build our expertise, the fact that we are owned and operated by engineers with years of industry experience and a generous price structure that affords everyone the chance to learn and grow. Let us not forget our location: Denver, Colorado. For many out-of-town students, this has proven to be a delightful experience. Nothing is better than learning in a great environment.


With a combined IT experience of well over 100 years, HSG's trainers are among the best in the industry. Our primary focus is training engineers and IT professionals to architect systems, design databases for large transaction volumes, develop artificial intelligence/RETE networks from massive rule repositories, integrate complex business functionality into a dynamic web site and write highly specialized software for embedded systems. With all of these demands, our team deserves a reward; however, we will gladly except your trust to train your organization instead.


An affordable alternative to many software roadblocks is simple: training. Our classes provide students with the requisite knowledge needed to build expertise, confidently complete projects and become a valued member of the development team. The benefits to an employer are obvious and many.

By enrolling in one of our training classes, students are expected to learn, within a week, what takes at least a semester to learn at a university, provided such a class is taught. With an extensive, in depth course catalog that no other training company boasts, training with us can be invaluable.

Vision & values Priciples we live by



Hire the best, and demand outstanding results.


Run our business efficiently, and pass the savings on to our clients.


Detail deliverables and adhere to the scheduled time line; adhere to the Agile/Scrum sprint.


Stay informed of market trends and new technologies. Support the community by way of User Groups, symposiums and business relationships.


Be prepared for change; it is the norm.