Cisco Software-Defined Access

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5The definitive Cisco SD-Access resource, from the architects who train Cisco's own engineers and partners

This comprehensive book guides you through all aspects of planning, implementing, and operating Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access). Through practical use cases, you'll learn how to use intent-based networking, Cisco ISE, and Cisco DNA Center to improve any campus network's security and simplify its management.

Drawing on their unsurpassed experience architecting solutions and training technical professionals inside and outside Cisco, the authors explain when and where to leverage Cisco SD-Access instead of a traditional legacy design. They illuminate the fundamental building blocks of a modern campus fabric architecture, show how to design a software-defined campus that delivers the most value in your environment, and introduce best practices for administration, support, and troubleshooting.

Case studies show how to use Cisco SD-Access to address secure segmentation, plug and play, software image management (SWIM), host mobility, and more. The authors also present full chapters on advanced Cisco SD-Access and Cisco DNA Center topics, plus detailed coverage of Cisco DNA monitoring and analytics.

  • Learn how Cisco SD-Access addresses key drivers for network change, including automation and security
  • Explore how Cisco DNA Center improves network planning, deployment, evolution, and agility
  • Master Cisco SD-Access essentials: design, components, best practices, and fabric construction
  • Integrate Cisco DNA Center and Cisco ISE, and smoothly onboard diverse endpoints
  • Efficiently operate Cisco SD-Access and troubleshoot common fabric problems, step by step
  • Master advanced topics, including multicast flows, Layer 2 flooding, and the integration of IoT devices
  • Extend campus network policies to WANs and data center networks
  • Choose the right deployment options for Cisco DNA Center in your environment
  • Master Cisco DNA Assurance analytics and tests for optimizing the health of clients, network devices, and applications

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