Exploiting Modern C++

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5Exploiting Modern C++ will help C++ software engineers understand how hackers seek to exploit their code, how they craft their exploits, what they look for in penetrating a system, and how to design and write code that's far more resistant to attack. Leading C++ developer and secure coding expert Matthew Butler helps developers transform the way they view their code. Butler shows how to
  • Recognize the differences between ordinary bugs and serious vulnerabilities
  • Understand patterns of vulnerability in source code, architecture, and your own thinking
  • Choose and apply the right tools for identifying specific flaws
  • Detect problems via code reviews, static and dynamic testing, fuzz testing, and penetration Improve system design by performing advanced threat hunting with a hacker's mindset
  • Master 10 proven best practices for hardening any C++ code base
Practical from start to finish, Exploiting Modern C++ goes beyond conventional wisdom and static testing to help you strengthen security at all phases of development, from design through remediation. You'll learn through practical code examples, as well as two extensive case studies.
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