Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Advance Earth System Science: Opportunities and Challenges: Proceedings of a Workshop

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The Earth system - the atmospheric, hydrologic, geologic, and biologic cycles that circulate energy, water, nutrients, and other trace substances - is a large, complex, multiscale system in space and time that involves human and natural system interactions. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) offer opportunities to understand and predict this system. Researchers are actively exploring ways to use ML/AI approaches to advance scientific discovery, speed computation, and link scientific communities.

To address the challenges and opportunities around using ML/AI to advance Earth system science, the National Academies convened a workshop in February 2022 that brought together Earth system experts, ML/AI researchers, social and behavioral scientists, ethicists, and decision makers to discuss approaches to improving understanding, analysis, modeling, and prediction. Participants also explored educational pathways, responsible and ethical use of these technologies, and opportunities to foster partnerships and knowledge exchange. This publication summarizes the workshop discussions and themes that emerged throughout the meeting.

National Academies Press