The Theory and Practice of Enterprise AI: Recipes and Reference Implementations for Marketing, Supply Chain, and Production Operations

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This book provides a comprehensive guide to how marketing, supply chain, and production operations can be improved using deep learning and reinforcement learning methods, as well as their combination with traditional analytics and optimization approaches. The book is written for enterprise data scientists and analytics managers, and will also be useful for graduate students in operations research and applied statistics.

The Theory and Practice of Enterprise AI is divided into five parts. Part I introduces basic concepts of enterprise decision automation and presents relevant deep and reinforcement learning methods. Part II presents recipes for customer analytics and personalization. Part III describes search and recommendation solutions that extensively leverage content data such as texts and images. Part IV discusses methods for price optimization and inventory management. Finally, Part V presents blueprints for anomaly detection and visual inspection that help to improve production and transportation operations. Python code examples are provided in the complementary online repository to support the reader's understanding of the implementation details.

Ilya Katsov