The Complete Web Assistant: Provide in-application help and training using the SAP Enable Now EPSS

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The Complete Web Assistant provides a complete guide to the creation and delivery of in-application help and training content using the Web Assistant component of SAP Enable Now. The book covers everything from initial implementation, through configuration and customization, to the development and delivery of help content and courseware. It includes numerous real-life examples, along with hints and tips for making the most of Web Assistant's extensive functionality.

Presented in a clean, visual format with hundreds of full-color images, intuitive navigation aids, and convenient cross-references, The Complete Web Assistant makes it easy to find the information you need, when you need it, and apply what you learn quickly and effectively.

The Complete Web Assistant has been written using the most recent version of Web Assistant (2.4.10), so it covers all of the latest enhancements and functionality. Differences between this version and previous ones are clearly identified, for full backwards compatibility.

The Complete Web Assistant is designed for implementers and authors of Web Assistant who need a quick start, as well as more experienced authors looking to hone their skills and improve the quality of their in-application help offerings.

Dirk Manuel