The 9 1/2 Secrets of a Great IT Organization: Don't Do IT Yourself

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9IT is still in its infancy in the world of business, and the growing pains are still apparent. The CIO position is relatively new and still is not fully understood in all corporations. This coupled with the misconceptions about IT within the user population have made it difficult for companies worldwide to benefit completely from IT and computer technology. This book details what an IT organization must do to increase recognition within its own company, as well as why and how user involvement is so critical to developing solutions that best fit the business. The reader is guided through the 9 1/2 Secrets by Paul Ingevaldson, retired CIO of Ace Hardware, who has worked in and consulted with numerous IT departments. Follow along as Paul explains how he developed and used these 9 1/2 Secrets to build his own great IT organization.
Gary Slavin