Sweet Spot UX: Communicating User Experience to Stakeholders, Decision Makers and Other Humans

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A Sweet Spot UX designer knows how to balance the needs of users with the business goals of an organisation. This is the key to providing real value to any product or service.

The hardest part of being a User Experience Designer isn't learning the methodology or the process, it's taking the business you work for on the journey to fully realise the value that it brings.

Evangelizing your UX process as well as doing the day-to-day work can sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge. This UX book is a collection of strategies and techniques from experienced industry professionals about communicating the value of UX to stakeholders and decision makers to help you gain and maintain buy-in of your work.

Who should read this book?

This user experience book is for new and experienced UX designers, digital product designers and web design professionals who want to create better alignment between their users and their organisation and convert their co-workers into UX advocates.

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