The Secure Board: How To Be Confident That Your Organisation Is Cyber Safe

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With the collective global spend on cyber security projected to reach $433bn by 2030, the impact of cyber risk - be it reputational, financial or regulatory - must now be front of mind for all Directors.

Written for current and aspiring Board members, The Secure Board provides the insights you need to ask the right questions, to give you the confidence your organisation is cyber-safe. Designed to be read either in its entirety or as a reference for a specific cyber security topic on your upcoming board agenda, The Secure Board sets aside the jargon in a practical, informative guide for Directors.

"I recommend The Secure Board as essential reading for all leaders. It will equip you with the knowledge and foresight to protect your information and your people." - David Thodey AO, Chair of CSIRO

"[This book] will challenge you to stop, to reflect and then re-set some of your governance thinking. Anna and Claire, you have made a great contribution to the development of all Directors who choose to pick up this book." - Ken Lay AO APM FAICD, Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria

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