Chromebook User Manual: Guide for Chrome OS Apps, Tips & Tricks!

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8Do you currently own a Chromebook, or are considering purchasing one for yourself, or someone else? If so, this is the Chromebook guide and user manual for you! This latest reference guide is written by bestselling author Shelby Johnson, who currently owns two Chromebooks and has tested multiple tips, tricks and how-to's on them. Now she provides all of the latest information in her newest book for those who own these new devices, or might be looking to buy one.

Here's what you'll find inside this helpful manual:

- Screenshots and images illustrating various concepts.
- Info about Skype and iTunes for Chromebook (how to workaround).
- How to edit photos on your device.
- How to watch movies and downloading videos on your device to watch offline.
- How to print from your device.
- Increasing storage capacity with your device.
- Using Bluetooth and USB devices with Chromebook.
- Ways to use different internet connections.
- 25 Great Chromebook Apps to install (online and offline).
- 10 Great Games to Install on your device.
- Some of the best accessories to get.
- Playing Minecraft on Chromebook.
- How to fix Chrome OS in case of a major issue...

And more tips, tricks, how-to's and information to help you get more out of your Chromebook device!

As a Chromebook owner, Shelby Johnson has put together this guide in various formats to help current and new owners of the devices get the most from them. Make sure to pick up this inexpensive manual today so you can begin using your Chromebook to its full extent!

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