Senior Cyber: Best Security Practices for Your Golden Years

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As a cybersecurity expert who presents on TV and at security conferences regularly, Scott Schober has seen an alarmingly disproportionate number of seniors being coerced, targeted, and robbed through the same internet we all share.

From the basics of the internet to the fight for healthcare privacy and security that is so critical to our aging population, Senior Cyber offers simple advice and expertise for all levels of internet experience. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, or the son or daughter of one, this book is designed with your concerns in mind. Practical cybersecurity advice and examples affecting seniors put Senior Cyber atop any reading list for those helping others or themselves to stay cyber safe.

Basic tech and security topics:

- email, browsers, search engines

- big data pitfalls, privacy, security

- healthcare cybersecurity

- computer and smartphone basics

- politics of technology

- internet and phone scams to avoid

- video chat in the age of COVID19

Advanced security topics:

- spotting email phishing scams

- dealing with spam and junk mail

- creating strong passwords

- keeping your searches private

- avoiding big data collection

- stopping identity theft before and after death

- securing your digital footprint Publishing