Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom

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"Innovative, Brilliant, and Meaningful" - George Couros

Why in the age of the most powerful education technology ever known do studies often suggest that technology integration in school is not improving student achievement?

Technology is less about the tools and more about the strategy
In Hacking Digital Learning Strategies, international EdTech presenter and NAPW Woman of the Year Shelly Sanchez Terrell demonstrates the power of EdTech Missions--lessons and projects that inspire learners to use web tools and social media to innovate, research, collaborate, problem-solve, campaign, crowd fund, crowdsource, and publish.

EdTech Missions empower teachers and learners
One of the first truly connected educators, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, gracefully aligns tech tools and social media with strategies and concepts.

Not only does Terrell demonstrate EdTech missions that solve everyday education problems, she provides clear, detailed steps, examples, and templates for overcoming obstacles that may arise in any tech-driven classroom.

BONUS: 38-page Mission Toolkit Helps You Blast Off Immediately
The 10 Missions in Hacking DLS are more than enough to transform how teachers integrate technology, but there's also much more here. Included in the book is a 38-page Mission Toolkit, complete with reproducible mission cards, badges, polls, and other handouts that you can copy and distribute to students immediately.

Your Mission Plan
Read Hacking DLS. Choose any of these EdTech Missions, grab a resource from the Mission Toolkit, share the mission and the resources with students, and watch learning soar to new heights:

  1. Design a Game Walkthrough--Create a tutorial and teach others how to play

  2. Go on a Selfie Adventure--Define yourself through images

  3. Create a Fictional Social Media Profile--Manage your digital footprint more purposefully

  4. Remix Learning Into a Digital Textbook--Produce and publish an engaging online book

  5. Debate Issues, Don't Diss People--Argue differences of opinion respectfully

  6. Seek and Preserve the Truth--Share digital news responsibly and learn to identify fake news

  7. Assemble a Global Class Meetup-Join the world community and discuss a pressing issue

  8. Enlighten the World as a Citizen Scientist--Conduct real-world field research

  9. Appreciate Others with a Digital Badge--Recognize values, not just grades

  10. Crowdfund Innovation to Find Solutions--Engage social media to fundraise for a cause

Your Global Leader in EdTech Integration
Shelly Sanchez Terrell is a Microsoft Education Hero and Bammy Award winner and has presented best practices in EdTech in over 20 countries. If you want to innovate with technology like never before, Terrell's EdTech Missions are your go-to resource.

Launch EdTech Missions Today
Scroll up and grab Hacking Digital Learning Strategies and the EdTech Missions Toolkit now.

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