A Concise Introduction to Robot Programming with Ros2

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A Concise Introduction to Robot Programming with ROS2 provides the reader with the concepts and tools necessary to bring a robot to life through programming. It will equip the reader with the skills necessary to undertake projects with ROS2, the new version of ROS. It is not necessary to have previous experience with ROS2 as it will describe its concepts, tools, and methodologies from the beginning.

Key Features

  • Uses the two programming languages officially supported in ROS2 (C++, mainly, and Python)
  • Approaches ROS2 from three different but complementary dimensions: the Community, Computation Graph, and the Workspace
  • Includes a complete simulated robot, development and testing strategies, Behavior Trees, and Nav2 description, setup, and use
  • A GitHub repository with code to assist readers

It will appeal to motivated engineering students, engineers, and professionals working with robot programming.

CRC Press