Woocommerce Playbook: The Underground Playbook for Creating an Online Store.

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"One of the best Woocommerce books of all time." - BookAuthority
"A simple process to create and manage an online store" - Victor Fonseca

Key Details

- Clear instruction: Learn Hosting a WooCommerce website by following plain English, clear visuals and enjoyable step-by-step instructions.

- Hands-on learning:
Master WooCommerce by building and managing a complete
WooCommerce store.

- Up-to-date:
Constantly updated, the material in WooCommerce PlayBook is always current.

Book Description

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web and is capable of selling anything, whether it's physical products, digital products or services. If you want to spend less time struggling with complex instructions, and more time building sites that make you proud, this is the book for you

Woocommerce Playbook will walk you through the entire step by step process of building a Woocommerce powered online store.

WooCommerce Playbook is for complete beginners, It does not require experience with WooCommerce, WordPress, Cloud Hosting, Web Programming.

Please note: This book is 100% aimed at WooCommerce beginners.

Table of Contents

1.Shopping Carts Explained
2.WordPress Explained
3.WooCommerce Explained
4.WooCommerce Hosting Requirements Explained
5.WordPress Hosting using Cloudways Explained
6.Server Requirements Explained
7.Installing and Uninstalling WooCommerce Explained
8.Installing WordPress Theme Explained
9.WooCommerce Products Explained
10.WooCommerce Product Categories Explained
11.WooCommerce Product Images Explained
12.WooCommerce Variable Products Explained
13.WooCommerce Pages Explained
14.WooCommerce Endpoints Explained
15.WooCommerce Settings Explained
16.WooCommerce Shipping Zones Explained
17.WooCommerce Permalinks Explained
18.WooCommerce Currency Explained
19.WooCommerce Coupons Explained
20.WooCommerce User Roles Explained
21.WooCommerce Shipping Classes Explained
22.WooCommerce Up-Sells, Cross-Sells & Related Products Explained
23.Bonus: WooCommerce Speed Optimization Explained
24.Bonus: Introducing to some powerful plugins for Marketplace creation & Marketing your Woocommerce Store.
25.Bonus: WooCommerce Child Theme Creation Explained
26.Bonus: WooCommerce and Gutenberg Explained

Author Website: www.kiranrkg.com

Independently Published