Software Engineering: Principles and Practices (Third Edition)

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2Software Engineering: Principles and Practices (SEPP) is intended for use by college or university juniors, seniors, or graduate students who are enrolled in a general one-semester course or two-semester sequence of courses in software engineering and who are majoring in software engineering, computer science, applied computer science, computer information systems, business information systems, information technology, or any other area in which software development is the focus. It is assumed that these students have taken at least two computer programming courses.Because of its sequencing, hierarchical structure, and broad coverage of the system development life cycle (SDLC), SEPP may also be appropriate for use in an introductory survey course in a full-fledged software engineering curriculum. In such a course, the instructor can choose the topics to be covered as well as the depth in which those topics are treated in an effort to provide freshmen or sophomore software engineering students with a preview of the concepts they will encounter later in the curriculum.
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