Excel Functions and Formulas: Shortcuts, Formulas and Functions for Business Modeling and Financial Analysis

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Your Personal Guide to Understanding Microsoft Excel!

Do More in a Shorter Time Frame!

For some people, Excel is just an ordinary tool, something we use once in a while, but for the others, it is an essential part of our daily lives. Microsoft Excel is more than a spreadsheet; it is a great tool for running a successful business and finance.

To be proficient in using Excel, you need to know the formulas and functions and how to apply them.

I understand that this is a major concern to the new and inexperienced users which is why this book has been written. To teach you these formulas and functions along with the tips and tricks you need to know to achieve faster results and be more productive when using the Microsoft Excel software.

This Excel study guide goes straight to the point to teach you what you need to learn while leaving out all the unnecessary verbosity that exists in several other Excel books.

You will get direct instructions on how to complete certain data analysis tasks along with screenshots to guide you when preparing your own reports and analysis. With this guide, you are guaranteed to become an Excel expert for your financial analysis and planning.

Part of what you would learn from this book includes:

  • Important Excel shortcuts

  • Basic Excel terminologies explained

  • The different data types you would encounter while using Excel

  • Advanced Excel Formulas and functions

  • Over 150 important Excel functions you should know and how to use them

  • Format tables, ranges and cells

  • Create formula for all types of calculations

  • Move and copy data.

  • Use absolute and relative cell references.

  • Use AutoSum to quickly automate calculations.

  • Confidently use functions like VLOOKUP, LEN, DATE, IF and MID

  • Add, name, copy and move worksheets.

  • Use Flash Fill and AutoFill to automate repetitive tasks.

  • Use Excel to Perform Valuation Modeling

  • And lots more!

This book is your guide to achieving greater success with the Excel application and spreadsheets.

Buy now and pave your way to Excel proficiency and productivity.

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