Social Media Anxiety and Addiction: Breaking Free from the Trap and Taking Back Your Life! Detox Your Brain!

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Do you find yourself missing out on those "in the moment" moments?

Do you find yourself continually making sure you are "photo-ready?"

Do you find days seem to zoom by with nothing to show for?

Are you affected by what people post, like, or comment on when it comes to your social media presence?

Is clout something that matters to you?

Chances are if you have said yes to any of the following, you may be spending more than the average amount of time online and on social media. ​There is a fine line between a healthy dose and an overdose.

In this book, I share with you the research that looks at the ​emotional, psychological, and physical impact social media anxiety and addiction have, as well as how to take a step back from being connected.

Remember, we have one life to live, and if we continue to live through our smart devices, it does not matter how many photos, videos, or tags we get, because we won't have lived it. We will have let life pass us by, and we would have allowed those precious moments to be a memory.

Who is this book for?

● Someone eager to learn about what it means to be addicted to social media.

● Someone who wants to step back and regain control over their devices.

● Someone who wants to detox their brain!

● Someone who feels anxious about being separated from their social media


It may seem bizarre to think an inanimate object could control us, but look around you, and how many people do you see glued to their phone?

Stop and smell the roses with my book; I am sure you will find a moment of peace, clarity, and freedom from your smart device.

If you are ready to take control, turn the page and start your journey!

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