Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 plus User's Guide: Tips and Tricks to Master Your Samsung S10, S10 plus & 10e

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You just got your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e or S10 5G and haven't learnt anything new on the device yet? Or you have been searching for some tips and tricks to enable you master this device? Then this book is for you. The Guides in this book are essential for iPhone switchers or novice Android users who wish to navigate the S10 series seamlessly. The book also contains hidden advanced features for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series you may never find in the manual from Samsung.

It will walk you through initial setup process and other the rich features of the S10 series. It also provides an insight into the basic functions of the S10 series such as settings for basic features such as biometrics and security, camera enhancement, battery enhancement, eliminating redundancy, split screen for multitasking, Samsung pay integration to advance functions like setting up advanced Bixby Rountines, Samsung DEx Experience and many more.

Other vital information you will get from this book include;
Evolution of Samsung Galaxy Series
Transferring Data from an Existing Phone to the Galaxy S10
Setting up the Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e and S10 5G
Setting for Faster Screen flow
Minimize Grid, font and App icon Size
Preventing calls from taking up entire Screen
Setting up Biometrics, Irises and Passcodes for Security
The Quick Open Notification
Set up Night Mode
Taking advantage of Device Care
Connecting the Galaxy Bud to the S10
Set up Edge Lighting
Enable percentage meter displayed on the Battery icon
Fixing Device Redundancy
Disable Apps Button
Multipack Wallpaper Option
Placing Apps in a Folder
App Icon Notification Badges
Taking Calls with the Volume Button and Ending Calls with Power Button
Activating SoftKey Edge Feature
Multitasking on Split Screen
Bixby Key Cutomization
Bixby Rountines
Taking advantage of Video & Sound Enhancer
Motions and Gestures to navigate the S10
the Smart Alert feature
One-Handed Mode
Palm swipe to capture
Gaming Features if the S10+
Setting up the S10 DEx Mode Experience
Setting Up Samsung Pay and many more..

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