Jenkins X: Creating Automated Cloud-Ready CI/CD Pipelines

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Jenkins X is a powerful tool that can automatically create and deploy cloud-ready, fully functional out-of-the-box CI/CD pipelines in any environment running a Kubernetes cluster. This practical book shows you how to harness the power of Jenkins X and its implementation of CI/CD and DevOps best practices--everything from basic use in multiple environments to advanced customization and configuration.

Programmers, systems developers, DevOps engineers, and other professionals will start with core CI/CD and DevOps concepts and quickly move to complete use options for those ready to run with a pipeline. Author Brent Laster, director of research and development at SAS, also takes you through advanced uses, including ways to extend this tool.

  • Create, deploy, and use a full CI/CD pipeline that implements DevOps best practices in any cloud environment (including AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Understand and leverage key technologies such as containers and Kubernetes, as well as essential DevOps processes including GitOps and ChatOps
  • Use Jenkins X with Go, Python, Node.js, and other options--and easily manage them to production
  • Manage changes across development, staging, and production environments through automatic and manual promotion
  • Create custom Kubernetes development environments, promotion levels for previewing changes, and automated workflows
  • Make the most of Kubernetes infrastructure and cloud environments by developing with Jenkins X quickly and efficiently
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