Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices

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6A thoroughly updated third edition of an classic and widely adopted text, perfect for practical transistor design and in the classroom. Covering a variety of recent developments, the internationally renowned authors discuss in detail the basic properties and designs of modern VLSI devices, as well as factors affecting performance. Containing around 25% new material, coverage has been expanded to include high-k gate dielectrics, metal gate technology, strained silicon mobility, non-GCA (Gradual Channel Approximation) modelling of MOSFETs, short-channel FinFETS, and symmetric lateral bipolar transistors on SOI. Chapters have been reorganized to integrate the appendices into the main text to enable a smoother learning experience, and numerous additional end-of-chapter homework exercises (+30%) are included to engage students with real-world problems and test their understanding. A perfect text for senior undergraduate and graduate students taking advanced semiconductor devices courses, and for practicing silicon device professionals in the semiconductor industry.
Cambridge University Press