Canon EOS Rebel T8i/850d for Dummies

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2Get the photos of your dreams with your Canon dSLR

Photographers who desire full control over all aspects of their images turn to digital SLR cameras to fill their needs. The Canon EOS Rebel T8i/850D offers that level of control in a camera body designed to appeal to beginning and novice photographers. Add this book to that camera and you have the recipe for taking amazing photos. Author Julie Adair King shares her years of photography wisdom as she leads you on an exploration of camera controls, explains what each setting controls, and explains how to put them all together to get the shots every photograper wants in their portfolio.

* Tour the camera's controls
* Experiment with settings
* Take shots in automatic modes
* Control exposure settings
* Adjust for focus and depth of field
* Enhance image color
* Capture better portraits and action shots
For Dummies