Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Dummies

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When the filming stops, the real video production work begins

Ever wonder how your favorite video creators regularly put out such slick content? They're probably using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a go-to video production app for both professional and amateur video creators.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Dummies walks you through each step of editing and producing slick and stylish videos that stand up to what the pros post. From transferring your digital movie files from your camera or phone to your computer all the way to uploading your latest creation to YouTube or the web, this book has the info you need to bring your ideas to life.

If you're new to video production, you can begin at the beginning with the handbook's user-friendly guide to the basics of setting clips on the timeline and making them flow seamlessly. Or, if you've already got a few videos under your belt, you can skip right to the more advanced material, like special effects and handy tricks of the trade.

You'll also find:

  • Instruction on joining video clips into a continuous final product, complete with transitions, special effects, and more
  • Advice on improving sound, getting rid of color errors, and customizing the look of your videos with filters and aftereffects
  • Straightforward guides to adding voiceovers and soundtracks to your videos

So, if you're new to Adobe Premiere Pro CC--or digital video editing in general--Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Dummies is the first and last resource you'll need to start editing like a pro.

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