Comptia Project+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide (Exam Pk0-005)

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This comprehensive study guide delivers complete coverage of every topic on the CompTIA Project+ exam

This fully updated self-study guide and professional resource shows how to successfully manage projects and prepare for the challenging CompTIA Project+ exam. CompTIA Project+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (Exam PK0-005) walks you through each step of the project management process, covering critical strategies for on-time and within-budget projects. You'll get complete explanations of every objective on the CompTIA Project+ exam along with end-of-chapter summaries, quizzes, and exercises that reinforce key points.

Coverage includes:

  • Initiating the project
  • Developing project plans
  • Working with management
  • Managing project scope
  • Creating the budget
  • Building a project plan
  • Organizing a project team
  • Managing teams
  • Implementing the project plan
  • Revising the project plan
  • Enforcing quality
  • Completing the project

Online content includes:

  • Two complete practice exams
  • Video training from the author
  • Templates and worksheets

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