Ethical Hacking: Techniques, Tools, and Countermeasures

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9Ethical Hacking: Techniques, Tools, and Countermeasures, Fourth Edition, covers the basic strategies and tools that prepare students to engage in proactive and aggressive cyber security activities, with an increased focus on Pen testing and Red Teams. Written by subject matter experts, with numerous real-world examples, the Fourth Edition provides readers with a clear, comprehensive introduction to the many threats on the security of our cyber environments and what can be done to combat them. The text begins with an examination of the landscape, key terms, and concepts that a security professional needs to know about hackers and computer criminals who break into networks, steal information, and corrupt data. Part II provides a technical overview of hacking: how attackers target cyber resources and the methodologies they follow. Part III studies those methods that are most effective when dealing with hacking attacks, especially in an age of increased reliance on distributed devices. Part of the Jones & Bartlett Learning Information Systems Security & Assurance Series! Click here to learn more.
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