Canva Tips and Tricks Beyond The Limits

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Even for professional designers with training and experience in sophisticated graphic design software packages like corel draw and photoshop, Canva is a quick and easier solution for quality designs with all the ready-made templates, ease of use.

For hobby designers or newbies Canva is like a great gift because of its user-friendly, self-explanatory and easy interface.

I once taught Canva a friend who was never inclined towards graphic design and now, he uses it full time to produce graphics for work and personal purposes.

By that experience, I can say Canva is one of the best web applications out there for producing sophisticated designs easily either for social media or for print. Canva's core advantage is its very little learning curve.

This book will mainly deal with the limitations of Canva and how to deal with them (Legally) without having to pay for it.

Who is this book written for?

Anyone who wants to design quickly and efficiently without much hassle using Canva

Anyone who loves Canva and want to know more about using it efficiently

Anyone who do not wish to buy Canva pro at this time and want to overcome the limitations of Canva (legally)

What will you learn in this book?

  • Hidden features of Canva and how to use them
  • Canva tips and tricks
  • Canva secrets
  • Workarounds for Canva pro only features.
  • Do things you can do only with Canva pro without Canva pro legally
  • Finding stuff inside Canva
  • Canva Shortcuts
  • How to make GIF animations with Canva
  • Useful resources and their efficient use.

And more...

Koushik K