Fighting Phishing: Everything You Can Do to Fight Social Engineering and Phishing

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ven the most sophisticated social engineering and phishing attacks

Fighting Phishing: Everything You Can Do To Fight Social Engineering and Phishing serves as the ideal defense against phishing for any reader, from large organizations to individuals. Unlike most anti-phishing books, which focus only on one or two strategies, this book discusses all the policies, education, and technical strategies that are essential to a complete phishing defense. This book gives clear instructions for deploying a great defense-in-depth strategy to defeat hackers and malware. Written by the lead data-driven defense evangelist at the world's number one anti-phishing company, KnowBe4, Inc., this guide shows you how to create an enduring, integrated cybersecurity culture.

  • Learn what social engineering and phishing are, why they are so dangerous to your cybersecurity, and how to defend against them
  • Educate yourself and other users on how to identify and avoid phishing scams, to stop attacks before they begin
  • Discover the latest tools and strategies for locking down data when phishing has taken place, and stop breaches from spreading
  • Develop technology and security policies that protect your organization against the most common types of social engineering and phishing

Anyone looking to defend themselves or their organization from phishing will appreciate the uncommonly comprehensive approach in Fighting Phishing.