Algorithms 2: A Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide

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he computer science area of algorithms, this 6 page laminated guide is part 2 of 2 guides that also serves as a reference for designing and analyzing algorithms. Guaranteed to boost grades in required algorithms courses this reference tool can continue to offer support well beyond a course. While all computing requires the use of algorithms, mastery of algorithms can lead to a career in the fastest growing field in computer science with one of the highest paid salaries. Widely published author and instructor Babak Ahmadi has masterfully covered a large amount of information in only 6 pages, streamlined with more facts per page than any publication. To get the full breadth of coverage please also purchase the Algorithms guide for a highly valuable and complete reference at an amazing price.
6 page laminated reference guide includes:
  • Analysis & Optimization
  • Asymptotic Notation (Big-O Notation)
    • Asymptotic Notation Types
  • Complexity Types (AKA Function Orders & Growth Rates)
    • Complexity Classes (P & NP)
  • Lower Bound Theory
    • Cases vs. Bounds
  • Analysis of Loops
  • Recurrences
  • Methods for Solving Recurrences
  • Amortized Analysis
  • Search & Sort
    • Stability
    • Comparison Sorting
    • Non-Comparison Sorting
    • Sort Algorithms
    • Common Search Algorithms
    • String Searching (AKA Pattern Matching)
  • Process/Implementation Types
    • Deterministic vs. Nondeterministic
    • Linear Programming (LP)
    • Dynamic Programming (DP)
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