Blackberry Storm2 Made Simple: Written for the Storm 9500 and 9530, and the Storm2 9520, 9530, and 9550

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6SurePress keyboard Camera (3. 2 megapixel) with flash and auto focus Media player (for pictures, video, and audio) Video recording Memory Expansion with MicroSD Media Card 3G capability Having a touch screen is nothing new these days. What separates the Storm from the rest is that RIM has made a touch screen that supports different types of gestures and touches. Use your Storm for accessing your Facebook page, YouTube, Flickr and virtually every IM program. Keep in touch with everyone in the ways you like most. The SurePress design allows you to press and click the on-screen keyboard to select anything from a link in your browser to the correct letter when typing. Your Storm comes bundled with an 8 or 16GB MicroSD card that allows you to store large numbers of pictures, music tracks, and videos. Perhaps nothing sums up what a BlackBerry can do better than the fact that it always keeps you connected (which virtually no other device can do). Your BlackBerry will push your email (up to ten different accounts) right into your hand---- -all the time, day and night.