Data Structures In C

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Revised April 2015

Update of link to source code

The short code link in the book no longer works. The code can be accessed here:

https: // 278&authkey= AAMYL7b58wzbeBM&ithint=folder%2cin

Data structures is concerned with the storage, representation and manipulation of data in a computer. We discuss some of the more versatile and popular data structures and explain how to implement and use them to solve a variety of useful problems. The book restricts itself to what can be covered in a one-semester course, without overwhelming the student with complexity and analysis. The approach is practical rather than theoretical. We show how to implement the data structures and operations on them using C.

Here's what readers have to say about Data Structures In C:

"It is second to none in terms of clarity, conciseness, choice of topics, coverage, layout, and even price and production value. All the usual linear, tree, and graph data structures and algorithms are covered, all striking the right balance between abstraction and detail."

"This book has to be probably the best 'first book' I've ever come across for anyone who wants to learn data structures "

"The author makes everything very easy to understand."

"It is written very simply yet effectively with great code examples."

"The book is well written, and the chapters are very well organized."

"The simplicity and the way that this book teach the basics I think makes it the best first book on Data Structures."

"All computer science students who wish to grasp a good understanding of these topics in the quickest of time, this it the book for you."

"Kalicharan makes everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. Simplicity and crystal clarity are his trademark...It is about helping you to understand Data Structures and, for me, it is simply the best book for doing that."

"The author seems to have a knack for boiling the topic down to its barest essentials and explaining those ideas in a way that makes it easy (and actually fun) to understand."

"All the major data structure types are so well presented that it is difficult to find any other book(s) or website(s) which explains them better."

"It has the best description of pointers (one of the pitfalls for C beginners) I have ever read."

"Unlike other C books, Kalicharan gives a brilliant discussion of pointers."

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