Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL 2011: ITIL Foundations Course in a Book

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Used by universities and company training programs around the world, "Foundations of IT Service Management - the ITIL Course in a Book" is the book to help you achieve your ITIL(R) Foundation certification.

Presented in an easy-to-understand format, the concepts of ITIL and the processes are laid out in a logical sequence. Each lesson is followed by list of key concepts and sample questions to help you study for your ITIL(R) Foundation certification exam. Chapter review questions, modeled after the real exam questions, reinforce your learning for each unit.

Written by an ITIL(R) Expert trainer who has taught thousands of students and hundreds of organizations, "Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL(R) 2011" provides a reader with the introduction to this approach to IT services without the expense of a formal classroom course. While the focus is primarily on providing information required to pass the ITIL(R) Foundations exam, this book goes beyond those basics to also provide a real understanding of ITIL(R) to further your knowledge and abilities as a valuable part of IT/business alignment. Using a case-study approach, real issues are discussed that represents challenges experienced by almost every IT organization.

Everyone prepares for the ITIL(R) Foundation certification exam in different ways. Accompanying the book are numerous study aids to support your study preparation on the supporting web site. Whether you are new to IT or a seasoned professional, this book is one you need to aid in your quest for certification.

Included in your purchase is access to the online study resources including:

-Exercise guide

-Audio "learn while you drive" reviews

-Sample exams

-Exam syllabus

-PDF version of the "100 ITIL Exam Questions" book

Companies in all industries are requiring ITIL(R) Foundation as a minimum requirement for their staff. Whether you are entering IT for the first time or switching jobs, ITIL(R) Foundation certification is a step toward your desired career.

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