Understanding Microsoft Teams Administration: Configure, Customize, and Manage the Teams Experience

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Explore solutions, best practices, tips, and workarounds to plan, design, customize, implement, and manage Microsoft Teams in any environment.

The book starts with an overview of Microsoft Teams where you will go through the teams architecture, teams/channels, audio/video meetings, and the phone system. It further dives into deployment and management of teams, clients, guests and external access, and live events, followed by network assessment and bandwidth planning for Teams. Here, you will learn about deployment of quality of service and how to configure your phone systems using direct routing and calling plans. Moving forward, you will learn Microsoft Teams administration and policy management along with the migration process of Skype for Business on-prem to Microsoft Teams. Towards the end, you will learn troubleshooting techniques in Teams for call quality issues and connectivity challenges.

After reading Understanding Microsoft Teams Administration, you will be able to effectively configure, customize, and manage the Teams experience using the Teams admin portal and other tools and techniques.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the Microsoft Teams architecture including the different components involved
  • Enable and manage external and guest access for Teams users
  • Manage Teams and channels with a private channel
  • Implement quality of service for audio/video calls and meetings
  • Establish Office 365 data classifications, loss prevention plans, and governance
  • Manage resource types, licensing, service health reporting, and support
  • Work with Microsoft Teams room and live event management
  • Implement and manage messaging, calling policies, and settings
Who This Book Is For
Administrators and technical consultants working on Teams.