Electronics for Beginners: A Practical Introduction to Schematics, Circuits, and Microcontrollers

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8Chapter ​1: IntroductionChapter 2. Before We Begin
Part I - Basic ConceptsChapter 3. Dealing with UnitsChapter 4. What is Electricity?Chapter 5. Voltage and ResistanceChapter 6. Your First CircuitChapter 7. Constructing and Testing CircuitsChapter 8. Analyzing Series and Parallel CircuitsChapter 9. Diodes and How to Use ThemChapter 10. Basic Resistor Circuit PatternsChapter 11. Understanding Power
Part II - Digital Electronics and MicrocontrollersChapter 12. Integrated Circuits and Resistive SensorsChapter 13. Using Logic ICsChapter 14. Introduction to MicrocontrollersChapter 15. Building Projects with ArduinoChapter 16. Analog Input and Output on an Arduino
Part III - Capacitors and InductorsChapter 17. Capacitor IntroductionChapter 18. Capacitors as TimersChapter 19. Introduction to Oscillating CircuitsChapter 20. Producing Sound with OscillationChapter 21. InductorsChapter 22. Inductors and Capacitors in CircuitsChapter 23. Reactance and Impedance
Part IV - Amplification CircuitsChapter 24. DC MotorsChapter 25. Amplifying Power with TransistorsChapter 26. Transistor Voltage AmplifiersChapter 27. Examining Partial CircuitsChapter 28. Going Further
AppendicesA. GlossaryB. Electronics SymbolsC. Integrated Circuit Naming ConventionsD. Electronics Equations and Where They Come FromE. Simplified Datasheets for Common Devices