Building the Modern Workplace with Sharepoint Online: Solutions with Spfx, Power Automate, Power Apps, Teams, and Pva

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7​Chapter 1: Get Stared with SharePoint Online

Chapter Goal: This chapter covers the evolution of SharePoint and what experiences SharePoint Online can bring in.

No of pages 20


1. Evolution of SharePoint in the cloud.

2. Experiences SharePoint can bring.

3. Integration with Microsoft suite

4. Integration with Third party solutions

Chapter 2: Case Study: Intranet

Chapter Goal: This chapter puts an example of an intranet and mentions about various requirements

No of pages: 30

Sub - Topics

1. Business requirements of the intranet

2. How SharePoint Online is the right choice

3. Value-adds.

4. Approach of solving various business needs

Chapter 3: Building the UI - SharePoint forms

Chapter Goal: Covers the out of box form capabilities of SharePoint to bring the best possible user experience.

No of pages: 30

Sub - Topics:

1. SharePoint forms.

2. JSON formatting with examples.

3. The pros and cons.

4. Performance glitches and user experience.

Chapter 4: Power Apps

Chapter Goal: Covers the user experience that Power Apps forms can bring in.

No of pages:30

Sub - Topics:

1. Introduction to Power Apps.

2. Develop your first Power Apps List form

3. Form validations

4. Deploy Power Apps

Chapter 5: Power Automate

Chapter Goal: Covers how to automate business processes using power automate and how to trigger events

No of pages:50

Sub - Topics:

1. Introduction to Power Automate

2. Business Process workflows

3. Power Automate tips

4. Deploy Power Automate flows

Chapter 6: SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

Chapter Goal: Covers customization of SharePoint Online sites using SPFx

No of pages:60

Sub - Topics:

1. Introduction to modern JavaScript

2. Quick start on Typescript and React JS

3. Build SPFx Web Parts

4. SPFx Extensions with examples.

5. SPFx Deployment

6. SPFx Interesting facts

Chapter 7: Modern Search

Chapter Goal: Covers SharePoint Online search capabilities.

No of pages:30

Sub - Topics:

1. Configuring PnP Modern Search Webpart

2. Customizing the Search Web part

3. Different Search experiences.

Chapter 8: Microsoft Teams and Power Virtual Agents

Chapter Goal: Covers Teams development, Microsoft Graph and Power Virtual Agents

No of pages:50

Sub - Topics:

1. Introduction to Microsoft Graph

2. Microsoft Teams development

3. Integrating teams with SharePoint Online

4. Power Virtual Agents chatbot with Teams