SAP S/4hana Embedded Analytics: Experiences in the Field

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2Chapter 1: Before the Work Starts

Chapter Goal: Miscellaneous intro topics.

No of pages: 40

Sub -Topics

1. Business Intelligence: the art of enriching data

2. HANA changing the OLTP versus OLAP game

3. Cloud flavors: SaaS versus IaaS

4. The latest thing: CDS-views

5. Frontend: Fiori and UI5

6. SAP's BI portfolio

7. S/4HANA and Embedded Analytics

Chapter 2: No Work: Use What is Delivered

Chapter Goal: S/4HANA comes with rich analytical apps that can be used immediately. This chapter focuses on the content delivered by SAP.

No of pages: 20

Sub - Topics

1. Discover analytical apps

2. Activate them

3. Use them

Chapter 3: Some Work: Smart Business Service

Chapter Goal: S/4HANA has built-in functions for codeless creation of simple analytical apps. Target group of these functions are power users, but in practice functional (non-BI) consultants are most suitable to use this functionality.

Functions are made available as a group of Fiori-tiles under the product name "Smart Business Service".

No of pages: 30

Sub - Topics:

1. Tiles "KPI Design"

2. Tiles "Report Design"

3. Tile "Analysis Path Framework Modeling"

4. The end-result: again tiles

Chapter 4: More Work: Building Analytical Queries Using Tiles

Chapter Goal: S/4HANA comes with tiles to create so-called "Analytical Queries" starting from SAP-delivered CDS-views. Analytical Queries are not static reports, but versatile, interactive queries on real-time data.

For the SaaS version of S/4HANA, this is the only option to create Analytical Queries.

No of pages: 40

Sub - Topics:

1. Discovery of SAP-delivered CDS-views with tile "View Browser"

2. Enriching CDS-views with tiles "Custom CDS Views"

3. Building an Analytical Query with tile "Custom Analytical Query"

4. Running the query with tile "Query Browser"

5. How to navigate within an Analytical Query.

6. Creating a dedicated tile for the query

Chapter 5: Most Work: Building Analytical Queries in a Development Environment

Chapter Goal: Starting from real-life business requirements, often the conclusion is reached that SAP-delivered CDS-views won't do the trick. For a SaaS version of S/4HANA, the process following this conclusion is called "managing expectations". For an on-premise version, a development environment can be applied. And then ... the sky is the limit! Development can start not only from SAP-delivered CDS-views but also from tables.

No of pages: 60

Sub - Topics:

1. Layered approach towards the analytical query

2. Data-integration

3. "Cube-view"

4. Analytical query

5. Examples transaction data

6. Examples master data

7. Example: Replacing custom ABAP-report by analytical query

8. Performance considerations; balance between performance and support-friendliness