Build Your Own 2D Game Engine and Create Great Web Games: Using Html5, Javascript, and Webgl2

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Chapter 1: Introduction


- Introduction to the IDE

- Development environment setup

- Guide to use the book

- References

Chapter 2: Working with HTML5 and WebGL2

Sub - Topics

- HTML5 canvas for drawing

- Project organization

- Elementary drawing with WebGL2

- Abstraction with JavaScript objects

- Working with shaders and controlling the color

Chapter 3: Transformation and World Coordinate


- Renderable: encapsulating drawing

- Transforming a renderable object

- Encapsulating the transform operator

- View and projection transform and the viewport

- The camera

Chapter 4: Common Components of a Game Engine


- The game loop

- Keyboard input

- Resource management and asynchronous loading

- Game levels and scene files

- Scene objects

- Audio support

Chapter 5: Working with Texture, Sprites, and Fonts


- Texture mapping and texture coordinates

- Drawing with sprite sheets

- Sprite animations

- Fonts and drawing of text

Chapter 6: Behaviors and Collisions


- Abstraction of game objects

- Elementary behavior: chasing

- Collision between game objects

- Per-pixel accurate collisions

Chapter 7: Camera Manipulations


- Basic camera manipulations

- Manipulation with interpolations

- Camera shake effect

- Working with multiple cameras

- Mouse input through the cameras

Chapter 8: Illumination and Shadow