Snowflake Security: Securing Your Snowflake Data Cloud

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5Chapter 1. Introduction to Snowflake

What's happening to data

Where Snowflake fits in

Building your first Snowflake Data Warehouse

Chapter 2. Account Security

Security Best Practices for Snowflake

Private Link Connection

Chapter 3. Authentication

Authentication in Snowflake overview

Setting Up MFA

Setting Up OAuth

Setting Up SSO

Connecting through a 3rd party SSO

Connecting through a custom OAuth Authentication Service

Network Access Control

Managing Roles Through SCIM

Chapter 4. Data Access Control

Introduction to Data Access Controls

Snowflake Security Model

Designing roles architecture

Custom Data Access Control

Column Based Access Control

Using Abstraction

Using Dynamic Masking

Row Based Access Control

Using Abstraction

Using Row Based Policies

Custom Access Control

Chapter 5. Logging & Monitoring


Snowflake Metadata

Account Usage vs Information Schema

Main Views for Security



Building a Custom Security Dashboard

Setting Things Up


Incident Response

Chapter 6. Epilogue


What's Coming Up