Practical Guide to Salesforce Experience Cloud: Building, Enhancing, and Managing a Digital Experience with Salesforce

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Chapter 1: Why Digital Experiences on the Salesforce Platform? (REVISED)

Chapter 2: Planning and Preparing for Success with Experience Cloud (REVISED)

Chapter 3: Experience Cloud Licenses and Member Groups: Employees, Partners,

and Customers (REVISED)

Chapter 4: Experience Cloud Template Types: Tabs, Visualforce, and Lightning (REVISED)

Chapter 5: Experience Builder (REVISED)

Chapter 6: Experience Pages and Components (REVISED)

Chapter 7: Experience Setup, Administration, and Workspaces (REVISED)

Chapter 8: Access, Sharing, and Visibility in Experiences (REVISED)

Chapter 9: Topics in Experiences (REVISED)

Chapter 10: Knowledge (Articles) in Experiences (REVISED)

Chapter 11: Process Automation in Experiences (REVISED)

Chapter 12: Experience Audience Targeting and Personalization (REVISED)

Chapter 13: Lightning Bolt for Experience Cloud (REVISED)

Chapter 14: Salesforce CMS (Content) in Experiences (NEW)

Chapter 15: B2B and B2C Commerce within Experience Cloud (NEW)

Chapter 16: The Community/Experience Cloud Consultant Certification Exam (NEW)

Chapter 17: The Best of the Rest: Additional Experience Cloud Topics