Programming for Absolute Beginners: Using the JavaScript Programming Language

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0New programmers start here...this book introduces students or aspiring professionals to the world of computer programming using JavaScript and related technologies. This book doesn't just teach the basics of programming, but also all of the tools that new programmers need to get started, including the basics of making web pages and how the Internet works.
Programming for Absolute Beginners offers practice problems, activities, and a host of resources to get new programmers started, plus a large glossary of terms introduced in the book and that a new programmer might encounter when learning on their own. No special software is required; this book will help you regardless of what your computer setup is, and source code will be freely available via GitHub.
What You Will Learn
  • How computers work
  • How computers communicate over networks
  • How web pages are built with HTML and CSS
  • How JavaScript works
  • How JavaScript interacts with web pages
  • Intermediate JavaScript topics such as recursion and scoping
  • Using JavaScript for network communication
Who This Book Is ForAnyone wanting to begin computer programming, including students who need to learn the fundamentals and early professionals who want to go back and revisit the basics.