SQL Server 2022 Revealed: A Hybrid Data Platform Powered by Security, Performance, and Availability

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4Know how to use the new capabilities and cloud integrations in SQL Server 2022. This book covers the many innovative integrations with the Azure Cloud that make SQL Server 2022 the most cloud-connected edition ever. The book covers cutting-edge features such as the blockchain-based Ledger for creating a tamper-evident record of changes to data over time that you can rely on to be correct and reliable. You'll learn about built-in Query Intelligence capabilities to help you to upgrade with confidence that your applications will perform at least as fast after the upgrade than before. In fact, you'll probably see an increase in performance from the upgrade, with no code changes needed. Also covered are innovations such as contained availability groups and data virtualization with S3 object storage.

New cloud integrations covered in this book include Microsoft Azure Purview and the use of Azure SQL for high availability and disaster recovery. The book covers Azure Synapse Link with its built-in capabilities to take changes and put them into Synapse automatically.
Anyone building their career around SQL Server will want this book for the valuable information it provides on building SQL skills from edge to the cloud.
What You Will Learn

  • Know how to use all of the new capabilities and cloud integrations in SQL Server 2022
  • Connect to Azure for disaster recovery, near real-time analytics, and security
  • Leverage the Ledger to create a tamper-evident record of data changes over time
  • Upgrade from prior releases and achieve faster and more consistent performance with no code changes
  • Access data and storage in different and new formats, such as Parquet and S3, without moving the data and using your existing T-SQL skills
  • Explore new application scenarios using innovations with T-SQL in areas such as JSON and time series

Who This Book Is For
SQL Server professionals who want to upgrade their skills to the latest edition of SQL Server; those wishing to take advantage of new integrations with Microsoft Azure Purview (governance), Azure Synapse (analytics), and Azure SQL (HA and DR); and those in need of the increased performance and security offered by Query Intelligence and the new Ledger