Pro Oracle Database 23c Administration: Manage and Safeguard Your Organization's Data

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n in both on-premises and cloud environments. This new edition covers the tasks you'll need to perform to keep your databases stable, tuned, and running. The book also includes administrative tasks specific to cloud environments, including the Oracle Autonomous Database running in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. New in this edition is help for DBAs who are becoming involved in data management, and a look at the idea of a converged database and what that means in handling various data types and workloads. The book covers some of the machine learning features now in Oracle and shows how the same SQL that you know for database administration also helps you with data management tasks. The information in this book helps you to apply the right solution at the right time, mitigating risk and making robust choices that protect your data and avoid midnight phone calls.
Data management is increasingly a DBA function, and DBAs areoften called upon for help in getting data loaded into analytics environments such as a data lakehouse or a data mesh. This book addresses this fast-growing new role for database administrators and helps you build on your existing knowledge to make the transition into a new skill set that is in high demand. You'll learn how to look at data optimization from the standpoint of data analysis and machine learning so that you can be seen as a key player in preparing your organization's data for those type of activities. You'll know how to pull back information from a combination of relational tables and JSON structures. You'll become familiar with the tools that Oracle Database provides to make analytics easier and more straightforward. And you'll learn simpler ways to manage time-based tables that eliminate the need for painfully creating triggers to track the history of row changes over time.
This book builds your skills as an Oracle Database administrator with the aim of helping you to be seen as a key player in data management as your organization pivots toward cloud computing and a greater use of machine learning and analytics technologies.

What You'll Learn

  • Configure and manage Oracle 23c databases both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Meet your DBA responsibilities in the Oracle Cloud and with Database Cloud Services
  • Perform administrative tasks for Autonomous Database dedicated environments
  • Perform DBA tasks and effectively use data management tools
  • Migrate from on-premises to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot issues with Oracle 23c databases and quickly solve performance problems
  • Architect cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud database environments

Who This Book Is For
Oracle database administrators (DBAs) who want to becurrent with the new features in Oracle Database 23c. For any DBA who is tasked with managing Oracle databases in cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud configurations. Also helpful for data architects who are designing analytic solutions in data lakehouse and data mesh environments.