The Enterprise Data Catalog: Improve Data Discovery, Ensure Data Governance, and Enable Innovation

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Combing the web is simple, but how do you search for data at work? It's difficult and time-consuming, and can sometimes seem impossible. This book introduces a practical solution: the data catalog. Data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers will learn how to create true data discovery in their organizations, making the catalog a key enabler for data-driven innovation and data governance.

Author Ole Olesen-Bagneux explains the benefits of implementing a data catalog. You'll learn how to organize data for your catalog, search for what you need, and manage data within the catalog. Written from a data management perspective and from a library and information science perspective, this book helps you:

  • Learn what a data catalog is and how it can help your organization
  • Organize data and its sources into domains and describe them with metadata
  • Search data using very simple-to-complex search techniques and learn to browse in domains, data lineage, and graphs
  • Manage the data in your company via a data catalog
  • Implement a data catalog in a way that exactly matches the strategic priorities of your organization
  • Understand what the future has in store for data catalogs
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