Production Planning with SAP S/4hana

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Allocate your materials, personnel, and machinery with SAP S/4HANA! This comprehensive guide will show you how to configure production planning in SAP S/4HANA for discrete, process, and repetitive manufacturing. Then run those processes using step-by-step instructions. Master production workflows, like batch management, S&OP, demand management, PP-DS, and MRP. With industry examples throughout, this guide is your one-stop shop for PP with SAP S/4HANA!

1) Discrete, process, and repetitive manufacturing
2) Batch management
3) Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
4) Demand management
5) Material requirements planning (MRP)
6) Long-term planning (LTP)
7) Capacity requirements planning (CRP)
8) Early Warning System (EWS)
9) Reporting and analysis

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