Google Classroom: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

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9Whether you are a student, a classroom teacher, a school administrator, a principal or a parent, this book is for you. This is also for everyone who works in the field of education but has to use the newest technology tools in their daily lives. This book aims to introduce to you the Google Classroom and how it can positively change your perspective towards learning. This book is a practical instruction and presentation of what Google Classroom and other Google for Education apps can do for you. The book will discuss to you how to set-up your Google Classroom accounts, the basic processes of adding students, managing the interface, creating your course, co-teaching, the latest features of the application and its' various benefits to both educators and learners. Google Classroom is the future of education along with other Google apps. Learn how to manage your class effectively and to stay organize with the help of this book. If you are a student, this book will help you understand the workflow and ease your workload. Grab your copy now and start promoting the student-centered method of learning. Deal with your homework better and be part of a collaborative work.
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