Using Adobe Connect 9.5

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5eStruct workbooks guide you to proficiency by following a simple philosophy: start at the beginning, and build. In this introductory workbook you will be walked through the process of creating meeting rooms, adding and editing users, and running a meeting using multiple layouts and features. With the help of instructor quick tips, you will be fully equipped to virtually engage and interact with your audience. As a Meeting Host you will be able to run effective, time-saving meetings. As more organizations and teams move toward a virtual environment, it is important that you establish and maintain a high level of interaction and collaboration. Adobe Connect and eStruct workbooks show you the tools to do just that, saving your organization time and money. Adobe Connect is a leading web conferencing system designed to share information and presentations among individuals or groups across various locations. It provides a rich environment for small meetings, virtual classrooms or large-scale webinars. Adobe Connect can also act as an on-demand learning management system, allowing learning managers or system administrators to create courses with self-directed presentations.
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