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The era of traditional publishing is fast coming to an end because authors have decided to do their publishing business themselves. Self-publishing is the new and best method in existence as far as book production is concerned. Days are far gone when authors wait endlessly to get their books published through traditional publishers. If you are an author, join the moving train called "self-publishing". Before you self-publish, there are things you should know, you have to grab those things before getting started because he that is not informed is deformed. It wasn't easy for me as a Newbie but I thank God for those experiences. The aim of this book is to give Newbies tips that will help them become professionals in the field of self-publishing.
This book covers the topics listed below: Sign up for CreateSpace Account: Be guided on how to correctly sign up for your CreateSpace account, run your tax interview, set up your payment profile, etc. Format Your Manuscript: Know how to handle your file's interior images, colour, file type, front matter, main book, back matter, page numbering, header and footer, Margin, gutter etc. Format Your Book Cover: Get cover formatting advice on bleed, safe zone, cover finish, using cover creator, spine, file type etc. Publish Your Book: Know more about the following before you get published: ISBN, sales channels, CreateSpace pricing page, reviewing your book, handling the description of your book, proofing your paperback etc. Market Your Book: Get good marketing tips centered on Discount Codes, Reviews, Online and Offline marketing. Receive Payments Painlessly: Get tips on the calculation of you paperback royalties, CreateSpace pricing page, payment method to choose, how to know you will receive payments, viewing your payment history, etc.
Plus many other self-publishing tips that will make you successful in your publishing business. This is truly a step by step self-publishing guide with a difference written for independent authors and publisher. The first step is to click "Buy now".
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