IoT Security: Practical guide book

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est strategies for implementation of IoT security. As IoT is a new technology, not much has been done to determine the best and final solution to IoT security challenges. However, this book guides you on the best mechanisms for ensuring that your IoT systems are kept secure. The threats to IoT security in most organizations are discussed. You are then guided on how to deal with each of these challenges. You will also learn the constraints which you have to adhere to whenever you are implementing IoT security. API management is one of the key approaches to implementation and ensuring that there is IoT security. This book guides you on the best strategies for management of APIs so as to ensure that the IoT systems are well secured. Authentication of the electronic devices used in IoT is also a good mechanism for the implementation of IoT security. This is explored in detail. Secure boot, which forms the root of trust in IoT security is also examined in this book. Public key cryptography, which is good for encryption of data in transit, is also discussed. The following topics are explored in this book: - A Brief Overview of IoT Security- Threats, Challenges, and Constraints in IoT Security- APIs in IoT- Authentication in IOT- Best Strategy for Securing IoT- Secure Boot- Public Key Cryptograph
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