Social Media: 2018 Marketing Tools for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram & Beyond

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2Social Media Marketing FREE Tools 2018 Edition of the Popular Social Media Marketing Toolbook Leverage ZERO COST tools to market your business on Social Media for free FULLY updated for 2018

A best-selling social media marketing book of tools from a best-selling author on Internet marketing: Jason McDonald

Social media is big - really big. Facebook has over 1 billion users, and LinkedIn has over 350 million. Today's customers go online to review sites like Yelp and Google+ to check out businesses before they engage. Whether it's on Twitter, on Instagram, on YouTube, or even Pinterest, your customers are "on" social media and they are talking about businesses, products, and services just like yours. Small businesses and large businesses alike can leverage social media for business to find amazing free marketing opportunities.

FREE Tools make it better still

Used by Jason McDonald in his San Francisco Bay Area courses at the Bay Area Video Coalition, AcademyX, and Stanford Continuing Studies, this fun-filled Toolbook will identify so many free tools you'll soon have your head spinning. With joy. With elation. With the smug satisfaction that while your competitors are either clueless about social media marketing or paying for high-priced tools produced by self-satisfied smarty pants, you (my friend) will be using FREE tools to create FREE marketing programs on everything from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest to LinkedIn and more.

Whatever network you've identified your customers are on, this book will help you find cool tools to make your life so easy. How easy? So easy your boss will give you a raise, or if you're the boss, you'll make so much money you'll finally take that vacation you've been dreaming about for the last seventeen years.

With up-to-date information for 2018 the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TOOLBOOK includes -

  • Content Marketing - Tools to Create & Curate Content
  • Blogs - Become a Better Blogger
  • Facebook - Friends, Family, Fun, & Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn - Schmoozito Ergo Sum
  • Google+ - Google's Troubled Baby
  • Pinterest - Tools to 'Pin it to Win it'
  • Instagram - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Twitter - Handles, Hashtags, Retweets & Twitter
  • YouTube - The Video Revolution
  • Local - Local Search Engine Optimization and Social Media
  • Email Marketing - The Rodney Dangerfield of Social Media
  • Bookmarking - Digg it & Reddit & Delicious
  • Viral - If Sharing is Caring, Really Sharing is Viral
  • Tools - Social Media Management Tools
  • Monitoring - Content and Reputation Management Tools
  • Conferences - Real World Events for Social Media
  • Publications - Best SMM Publications & Blogs
  • Books - Best Books on Social Media Marketing for Business

Got questions? Just Google Jason McDonald and send him an email - he's happy to help.

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