Cyber War...and Peace: Building Digital Trust Today with History as Our Guide

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When evil men plot, good men must plan.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

If anything is guaranteed about the future, it's that technological innovation will advance more quickly each year. But progress isn't just for those with good intentions. The technology that empowers you can also imperil you, making digital risk management an existential priority for your company.

Some of our most famous predecessors also faced unprecedented obstacles, and their stories are more than good folklore-they provide us with principles that transcend time and space.

In Cyber War...and Peace, Nick Shevelyov shares how lessons learned from history's most poignant moments reveal strategies to help manage risk in today's-and tomorrow's-digital landscape. Nick's insight and analysis will introduce you to concepts that will increase resiliency within your organization, no matter its size. This exploration of history, strategy, and the digital world around us will challenge you to reexamine the past, solve new problems, and embrace timeless techniques.

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